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I don't know for certain but what I would do in the first instance is call the Job Centre 0845 number and explain your situation to them.

Sounds a bit ominous them saying 'doubt has arisen' without telling you what it is.
Yeah i got a text Tuesday saying my claim had been accepted, referring to the rapid re-claim form and i'd get written confirmation. I got a letter just now saying they can no longer pay jobseekers allowance. There is no reason for it though. It is very irritating when you are told you are doing everything right by jobcentre staff and then this happens.

And what is odd is i go to Pinnacle people (where the jobcentre is off-loading many people as they cannot be bothered) and i found out more people have had thier money stopped. And they were told the same thing by staff in the jobcentre that what they were doing was correct but yet this happens. It seems to me that they keep changing the rules and none of the staff know what is going on.

One person there said it is probably going to happen to everyone and they are slowly and randomly picking on people with no reason.
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