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Old age increases your chances of getting most things, but old age on its own will not cause emphysema. 500,000 eggs, eaten over a lifetime are very unlikely to kill you. As has been pointed out, Briers blames nothing but smoking for his illness. You are clutching at straws here. Are you a smoker, by any chance?
Well 500,000 cigarettes have not killed him yet have they and he has managed to live to 80?
....and if your body does does not like eggs much then they would kill you even if you had a one every day.

No I am not a smoker but I see every day the atrocious damage caused by alcohol,yet there is no pressure on brewers and distillers to contribute to the NHS bills or the carnage in the streets..
Instead we have this nonsense about passive smoking,while your breathing a 100 different pollutants every day

When I was taking a relative around hospitals to get eventual cancer diagnosis every time, every questionaire, the first thing they asked was 'do you smoke' (he had not smoked for 40 years).. which seemed like a cop out to me as if he had said yes they could have said "are well we know what caused it and what is wrong with you "

The point being that every body is different and they keep very quiet about the very high proportion of lung cancer sufferers who have never smoked a single cigarette.
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