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David Soul of 'Starsky & Hutch'.

My parents attended a private function in London during the early 80s and David shared the same table with them. My parents weren't impressed with his surly attitude - not only was he rude towards them but to other fellow guests as well.
Yes, I met him once at an aftershow event for Mack and Mabel which he was in at the time, in London (organised by a threatre group).

I mentioned that some friends of mine had recently met a friend of his (they'd had lunch with Paul Michael Glaser regarding Glasers charity) . His response was to snap "I haven't got any friends"
That i can believe. He was on my flight back from Berlin in December kicking off at check-in about the executive lounge and how 'This isn't acceptable!' etc. He looked a physical wreck too and was in a wheelchair
Oh well, I still find Don't Give Up On Us, Baby, and Silver Lady, nice romantic songs.
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