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Good old Pick of the Pops, they always play the songs no-one else dare play!

Tony Blackburn even mentioned that Russ had another single later in 1985 called 'All Night Holiday'. I doubt Russ would be too pleased at all this being mentioned with the sound of it, as that sounds even worse!

When VH1 used to do their 'worst video weekends' it used to be awesome. 'Atmosphere' used to be in the top ten, but nothing beat Cliff Richard on his roller skates in his leather trousers in Milton Keynes singing 'Wired For Sound'
I watched it with my mum once and she's a big Ciff fan. I'd already seen it and knew that Cliff was number one but didnt tell her because I wanted to see her reaction. It was priceless I've got to say

They used to play Do the Conga by Black Lace as well and the video to that was hilarious. Dancing milk bottles and train drivers. You couldn't make it up
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