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Really , what insight, I eat Ryvita and have done for years, as I like the taste and its not bad for you as snack not because I am a "fatty" (neither am I skinny) but as I said I like the taste and its healthier than bread.

Ryvita is marketed as a low fat healthy snback option , like many low fat foods it says can help as part of a calory controlle diet ( but then so can anything if you eat in reason) . I dont recall seeing the ad say "Fern lost weight because she ate Ryvita"

Oh and a Gastric Band is totally different to Liposuction.

I was actually replying to a post by Len_112 but thanks for the input.

As for the BIB - quite - but then, what was the point of the advert otherwise? Slightly disingenuous, no?

& thanks for the gastric band/liposuction denouement - really useful
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