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That's a bit spooky because the clip of Top of the Pops I was watching that inspired me to start this thread was from I think January 1985. I'll have to check.

I was always under the impression that he'd managed to get that song banned from the airwaves because he believed it wasn't a true reflection of his talents. I do know that around ten years go when VH1 used to do the "worst songs of all time" they played it all the time, and then suddenly it vanished so I remember thinking there must have been some truth in that rumour. Ill never forget the naff video where he looks like someone's dad gatecrashing a disco
I was going to say stars should never record something, no matter how obscure, if they don't want it flaunted later, but yes, he was probably trying to branch out into new avenues at the time and become an all round family entertainer.
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