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She has shown her hand in that article. She is jealous of Pete and Emily. She is also jealous of how young Emily is.
That 'column' shows that she has been stung by all the (rightful) criticism that has been slung her way after this absurd wedding. She is also hugely jealous of Emily, who is everything she isn't - intelligent, classy, naturally pretty and genuine, and the fact that she's ensnared Pete. I bet Kieran gets it in the neck already Stupid, daft trog.
I totally agree with all the above comments.
She is devastated that Peter Andre is well over her & moved on. The fact that his GF is younger & prettier is the killer blow to her pride & she can't handle it. If the Andre romance ended tomorrow it has still proved that he can sustain a reasonably lengthy relationship with a "normal" girl (as in non-show-biz ).The fact that she is young & pretty does not sit well with the freak has-been KP. It is killing her slowly & every barb she fires at him just sets her up for more ridicule----how can she not see that. It's her vindictiveness & desire to strike out at him that spurs her on & he just doesn't care.She needs to let go of her hatred & stop making a show of herself.
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