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Jimmy Connors
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I want to scream.

Whilst I'll never be FB's number one fan............she's a human being with real emotions.

By believing her own hype and thinking she was bigger than TM,she made a mistook. Thinking that she'd get away with not disclosing her gastric band was another mistook.

Has she tried to make a living since then?Yes.

Does she offend me? No.

Is she an inherently horrible manipulative person? No

Have I sworn off Ryvita forever? No.

In the scale of world events, does it matter one iota that she went out in Manchester minus hubby? No

Ffs.........throw the condemnation elsewhere.
I say, DD, it's an abomination, I tell you, an abomination.

I have always had a soft spot for old Fern. Her Dad was very good as Dr Toby Latimer in 'Don't Wait Up'
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