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Nothing to do with the films, but I thought I'd share these rather lovely photos of John (Beren) and Edith (Luthien) with all the Tolkien fans who keep an eye on this thread.

As for AUJ, the Blu-ray cover has been confirmed and a preliminary release date as well.
Aww what lovely photographs of the lovely couple. Their home looked as cosy and as snug as a hobbit-hole.

I'm on a Tolkien readathon at the moment. I've just read LotR, and am now reading his excellent 'Letters of JRRT' along with his 'Tree and Leaf'.

Back on topic: I got to see the Hobbit film at last, but haven't posted before now, as I'm still having mixed feelings about it tbh. Some parts I enjoyed very much and others not so much. I'll try to get a review up sometime soon.
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