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Jo and Shilpa were actually getting along very well before Jade entered the house.

I think, like other housemates in there (namely Cleo Rocos, Carole Malone and H Fromsteps) thought that by siding with Jade they were going to be in a stronger position with the public (as Jade was cited, tragically, as a National Treasure well before her Race Row meltdown)

It's a weakness of character, but I'm not sure she was racist (unlike Jade and Jack, who said some appalling things in the house. Although every time Jade appeared on reality TV, she bullied someone mercilessly- Sophie in BB3, Rik Waller in Back To Reality, Kitten in the BB Panto)
I think Jo actually was rather scared of Jade. Jo had been bullied herself in the past; on this occasion, she tried to avoid being the victim by joining the bully's "gang". She wasn't the first to do this and won't be the last, but it's certainly not very admirable.
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