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The Sweeney (2012)

Oh dear. It's so bad I'm not sure where to begin. Ray Winstone phoning in another performance, just being Ray Winstone again( mumbles, the odd snarl, grunts)... Plan B is so inept at acting I'm gobsmacked someone hired him. Just give it up already, please. The storyline was thin and vague, the big set piece was a chase around a caravan park... the 'love' story between Ray & a hot nubile young officer was absolutely repulsive, particularly the endless shots of Ray's massive gut portruding o'er his y-fronts *vom*... what the hell were they thinking?????

Loved the origional 1977 and 1978 films havent seen this one and dont want to ! as usual leave the best versions alone !...why tamper with them !
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