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Drives me nuts when the Daily Mail keep insisting that Fern has lost tons of weight due to Strictly when in actual fact she has GAINED a tremendous amount of weight since her FERN TV show and when she did the Christmas Strictly. This is never mentioned but we get pics of her before the gastric band episode when she was pretty heavy!.

I like her and Phil and would be sad if they split. I think Fern went through a personality change when she initially lost her weight and was super thin, turning up in skin-tight dresses, enormous heels and doing the splits etc. I guess aging is no fun for anyone in the media and it must have been a shock when she found herself out of work after leaving This Morning.All these comments about how she wanted to be with her kids and do gardening and learn Italian seems a bit ridiculous. Now all we get are articles about her weight, her tattoo, gastric bands etc and she never seems to work anymore as a TV presenter !! It must be irritating to see how well Holly has filled her shoes on This Morning. I wonder if the "wonderful relationshp" she had with Phil Schofield on the programme is still going strong. Never, ever see them together socialising. I guess it is "out of sight, out of mind"!!
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