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I have written a few times over KP's excesses and bad behaviour but I did feel a pang for her this week and wonder if she can cope with the new poll which puts her at the top of the worst fashion sense celeb poll.

Of course it is true but how many more times can she turn a blind eye to the criticism and blank it, she looks herself up on Google, Leo said, how she can just stick her fingers up time after time without stopping to think that just maybe there is something in them that needs to be addressed.

One thing I will say for her is that she is a master or mistress at denial and not getting upset in an emotional way about these thousands of scathing remarks about everything in her life. How long can she go on taking this sort of flak without going under, it does manifest itself in her demeanour, sulky, up you and cold fish reaction but my goodness she does get some dreadful things said about her, many quite warranted but no one is that bullet proof.

She has tweeted that she has got herself a new stylist!

Katie Price/Jordan

Thanks to @LucasMArmitage for being my new stylist and dressing me! Xx
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