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Surely the great mystery is why his well worn legs are worth 150k a week to PSG. I mean what are they thinking. I suppose he might just cope with a few games in the French League. Are they really paying him that much? Of course it's all going to charity.
This is my focus also. My football mad friend told me that Beckham can't really play 90 minutes anymore, even that he looks tired and confused after 75 minutes. Perhaps giving it to charity justifies paying a past it footballer to play for your team simply in order to sell a lot of merchandise sold around the world. Makes sense.
I'm rather surprised the tabloid haven't focused more on the fact that David will be living apart from his wife - the charity aspect has rather distracted from that...!

I don't blame people for questioning the Beckham's motives, they have a gargantuan and eternal appetite for money and attention so people are naturally inclined to think that what they do isn't entirely altruistic.
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