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Near where I live in Brighton they made a 'Walk of Fame' with paving stones for celebs supposedly having some connection with the city (eg they might have visited once.) Complete failure and waste of time.

They had an opening party for the 'celebs' in a marquee one evening, Leo Sayer was singing, yes it was that good. I remember Damon Hill arriving, there we a few female fans waiting for him with autograph books near the roped-off red carpet entrance. Watching from a distance we saw him walk past them into the marquee, not stopping to chat or sign any autographs and we thought 'what a tosser.'

Ten minutes later he came out, ducked under the rope and signed autographs and spent ages with his fans. We thought 'what a good bloke.'

Years ago I shared a sauna with Cliff Richard (tennis club not gay club!) and had a conversation about contact lenses. Perfectly nice bloke. Brucie used to go there too, he always went home in his tennis kit, never having a shower, presumably couldn't risk getting his syrup wet. Trevor McDonald played there too, he always turned up in a chauffeur driven Rolls and made his driver wait in the car in the car park.
Was quite shocked when I started reading this! then I read the 'Ten minutes later......' bit and felt quite relieved!!

I've met Damon Hill on several occasions and he's a true gentleman, lovely guy.
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