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But unless you have Sky which screens Indy Car or are big into motor racing you will have never heard of him.

To the British public unless you are in F1 you are nothing in Motorsport. Surprised he never tried. F1 unless his only offers are the rubbish teams and he does not want to be a back marker. Probably enjoys the lifestyle he has in the US now.
Exactly the problem. Motorsport = F1 in this country.

The media don't care about other motorsport unless something horrific happens. They covered Dan Wheldon's death a lot but not him winning the Indy 500. Same with Allan McNish, They covered his huge crash at Le Mans but not him winning it

i've seen Dario all over the papers this week, much more than when he won the Indy 500 in May, And even then a lot of it was about Ashley.
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