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Sarah Soreen
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All three articles today are a complete disgrace. The woman is a menace and shouldnt be permitted to keep them in the first place.

Horses do not "suddenly" become thin. I expect her poor horse has been showing symptoms for some time now but has been subjected to holistic pretendy vetty chats about stress instead of her employing a PROPER VET to take care of her. Just because something is "holistic" or "herbal" doesnt make it right or appropriate to the animal. Whilst her bonkers idealistic notions are all fine and dandy when it is just her who is being affected by them, it is quite another for these to be imposed on animals who are reliant on her for their health and wellbeing. They didnt ask her to "rescue" them and subject their old age to this pap nor to be left to linger long past their time because she is too selfish to let them go. She dresses up the misery of these poor animals and peddles it to the masses as some form of perverse entertainment and some strange affirmation that she is somehow better than the rest of us. Well it isnt. It is rapidly becoming an animal welfare issue and I hope the vets in her new home refuse to pander to her ludicrous nonsense and whims and stand up for the animals under their care.

As for that poor old chicken. Another left to linger on long past her time, likely in pain and covered daily in Sudocream. Well isnt that a spiffing retirement wearing a tea cosy and being alone as the last hen being given chemo? And her poor old cat. That really upset me to read the details of how long she was too selfish to do the right thing. Her loyal friend deserved MUCH better at the end of her life than that. Just awful, pretty much reduced me to tears.

Someone hit the nail on the head in the paltry 6 comments they allowed onto the chicken article and I will quote it here.

I'm a little concerned Liz Jones has some sort of animal version of munchausen-by-proxy syndrome, as her pets seem so sickly all the time!
Well said Sir! And it is high time someone did something about it!
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