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E cigarettes aren't the answer. A full on quit IS the answer, sad thing is if everyone quit smoking, the government would want the tax to be made up elsewhere.
They might not be the answer but they've helped my mum, who has emphysema, cut down drastically on the real thing- more so than all the patches, gums and other whatnots that she's had a go at. She says that while she has an e-cig, she isn't bothered about smoking a 'real' one. She has had periods of total abstinence but because she has had severe depression/ anxiety, nicotine is her 'crutch.

I know that she is only one case in point, however.

All the same, it's not in the government's interest to promote e-cigs for the very reason you give above...unless they tried taxing the e-cig, of course (I wouldn't put it past them, either!).
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