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It does annoy me how One Direction fans make a very calculated effort to try and silence anything that isn't glowing praise about their idols. People are entitled to vent if they want. To be fair, One Direction are ridiculously overexposed and have been since they were on the X-Factor, and that is naturally going to annoy anyone who isn't adoring of them.
I don't do this at all actually. People are entirely entitled to their own opinions. I was merely replying to someone who called me, and many others, a "sad sack" just because we bothered to say a simple happy birthday. I have said happy birthday, and will continue to do so, to many people I do not know personally.

The "better than writing insults" part was in reference to the fact people who write "happy birthday Harry" are considered sad sacks by that particular FM because Harry won't actually read it, yet those who take time to write insults are exempt from this apparently despite the fact he will probably not read their insults either.

I apologise that I would rather spend my time writing positive things about people than slagging them off.
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