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Went to boots today to sample a few new make up products Ive not tried before but found so many of them are out of stock on the fair/pale coloured ones! must be lots of pale girls around my area

I ended up with:

1) Natural collection Lash build mascara - I know its mega cheap but I actually quite like it!
2) 2 x pots of natural collection face powder - again mega cheap but I find it works just as well as the more expensive brands and it was 3 products for a fiver

3) Glow all out luminizing radience face powder from Soap and Glory - never tried this before but it looks quite nice, a slight shimmer to give you a bit of a glow, S&G make up on 3 for 2 at the moment so thought I would give this a go as I wanted the next 2 products!

4) Show good face foundation and primer from Soap and Glory - Trying out the fairest of them all shade as Ive read so many good reviews on this

5) Kick ass concealer from Soap and Glory - I'm struggling to find a really good concealer for my horrible under eye circles and I'm hoping this is as good as what people are saying it is!
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