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Gleefully flaunting her own speeding yet sneering sarcastically if "a man" overtakes her on the motorway. ?
Oops, misread that: it actually said "on the inside on the motorway" which, fair enough, is out of order. My mistake. (It still doesn't make her speeding-tickets-as-a-matter-of-course attitude right, though.)

Totally agree with you fizzycat; any genuine animal lover would surely be horrified by the state of her animals and the keeping-them-alive thing. I do wonder if she thinks this through when she serves up these stories of sick horses and cats week after week. I know there are lots of people who fall for it and say "How can people be mean about her, just look how much she loves animals", but there are far more comments expressing horror and concern. Surely she must realise that these stories attract far more criticism than they deflect?
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