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Agreed. I try to ignore the FMs who make crass comments. I don't feel its very amusing anymore really...and there's no need to apologise. You have every right to feel that way and post as such, I don't see what you have to apologise for (though im also bad at apologising unnecessarily. I felt like apologising for my perhaps naivety re the whole Sinason/satanic angle, since I know little about it but then I stopped myself....I don't really think I need to apologise as such(?)).
No you shouldn't apologise. You are entitled to post your own well-considered opinions. As you suggest, apologising may weaken a person's position.

On the other hand, the most dogmatic people can be dictators and all-round bad guys. However, I think it's true to say that if anything you err on the side of being over-apologetic.
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