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Oh, it just get worse and worse. Gleefully flaunting her own speeding tickets yet sneering sarcastically if "a man" overtakes her on the motorway. Working on her laptop on a train, a perfectly normal and acceptable activity, yet feeling the need to comment if "a man" should dare to opens his laptop opposite, blocking her light. Endless sick and injured animal stories, closing, of course, on a manipulative cliffhanger ending to tweak the heartstrings of the animal lovers. No less than two articles in the same paper retelling the same keeping-sick-animals-alive-long-after-the-point-when-it's-humane-to-do-so stories she's told over and over again already. Passive-aggressive references to her own thinness. (Look! I'm thin! Look! My animals are ill! So now you can't possibly criticise me for being vile to older mothers or making nasty spiteful comments about other people's weight, 'cos if you do you'll be a HORRID BULLY!)

...And last but not least, my favourite LJ bugbear: lots more of that strange, grammatically precise, robot-like dialogue that everyone speaks in in Liz world, completely devoid of the normal elisions and shortenings that go with normal speech. "It will be some time. I will call you when she has come round," says the vet. "I think it is liver failure." "You too are too thin," says Nick. "She is mirroring you." Why do none of these people say It'll, I'll, she's, it's, you're, like normal human beings? Hasn't she ever had, or at least heard, an actual conversation?
to be fair on Jiz...... and THAT is the first and last time I shall utter those words.... maybe 'she's' only counts as one word whereas 'she is' counts as two? Not sure. But you can see how a person could double their income?

Not that I think any of the convos are true !

What's with the faux-anorexia anyway? Is she hoping people will send her food parcels or money? Will next week's heading be 'In which I am too thin to write this column'?
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