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Oops, misread that: it actually said "on the inside on the motorway" which, fair enough, is out of order. My mistake. (It still doesn't make her speeding-tickets-as-a-matter-of-course attitude right, though.)

Totally agree with you fizzycat; any genuine animal lover would surely be horrified by the state of her animals and the keeping-them-alive thing. I do wonder if she thinks this through when she serves up these stories of sick horses and cats week after week. I know there are lots of people who fall for it and say "How can people be mean about her, just look how much she loves animals", but there are far more comments expressing horror and concern. Surely she must realise that these stories attract far more criticism than they deflect?
She has incensed me today. Takes a pack of untrained dogs to an unfamiliar place, one gets lacerated and she is amazed another returns.

Poor Lizzie the horse "suddenly" getting thin and looking at potential liver failure. All "suddenly" of course, nothing to do with the fact that the poor horse has been subjected to all notions of idealistic flippertygibbet claptrap instead of just being fed a healthy diet, regular visits from a REAL vet, visited a blacksmith for some actual SHOES then taken for regular exercise. Liz pontificates as though she has some psychic link with this horse when the reality is that Lizzie the horse really doesnt like her. So, "suddenly thin". Nothing to do with the abject fluffy holistic rubbish she has been rescued to endure for the sake of copy.

And then the chicken. A chicken on chemo. A solitary, lonely chicken with cancer, smothered in bottom cream and stuffed in a tea cosy. Honestly, you couldnt make this batshit up!

And then her poor lovely loyal friend. I cant go there again, she made me cry with her cruelty.

Yes, I read the woman, have done for years, I used to defend her in years past although not for a long time. Sure, I mock, I criticise, I sit aghast at the utter self absorbed nonsense she spouts as you would if you were rubber necking a car crash in slow motion, and then I get on with my day. But today I am utterly disgusted. She has finally tipped me into loathing.

Her cruelty and disregard for these animals knows no bounds as long as they continue to salve her neediness, her selfishness and her increasingly desperate need for "copy".
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