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I hope you don't feel too pressured into these things?. I had phone calls years ago from magazines wanting to interview me after picking up a story about me in a local paper, it got very frustrating...I didn't want to keep talking about it repeatedly (though it wasn't about anything like abuse but it was still a bit of an embarrassing story for me in a way).
No pressure so far. I've said I'll do interviews if they need them for the investigations but not tv/press/magazine stuff.

The Met have been fantastic so far. They've spoken to me 3 times now and each time they've asked if I'm happy speaking to a male officer about it and offered a female one if I prefer. (I don't mind at all). They've asked every time if I want signposting towards counselling of any kind.

And the last one who rang ended the call with 'Thank you for the information, babes'. Undoubtedly a slip-up and a lapse of professionalism but it made me smile
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