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I think one of the problems give Gazza is, is his head, he's still a 10 year old boy who just wants to kick a ball 24/7. He's never grown up and, since he left football, has no idea what to do to fill his days.
He isn't reliable enough to work in coaching or be a pundit but just being involved in the game could have given him something to get out of bed for. It's a vicious circle and it's all to late now I feel.

My brother went to a football day when he was about 7-8 years old and Gazza was there. That day remains one of the best days of his childhood. He said Gazza could not do enough for the kids and, unlike some of the other players who were there because they had to be, he felt that he really wanted to be there playing with the kids.

I agree with Pru, this is only going to end one way. Sad thing is, when the inevitable does happen, the footballing powers that be will all be asking what they could have done, when really they should have been trying to do more years ago.

That's really sweet. Despite all his obvious publicised problems, I've always thought he had a good heart. Yes, OK, there's no excuse for domestic violence etc and I'm not putting that in the same bracket, but I think he genuinely is a lost soul.
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