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I felt like apologising for my perhaps naivety re the whole Sinason/satanic angle, since I know little about it but then I stopped myself....I don't really think I need to apologise as such(?)).
'Course not. If anything it's illuminated a new and unexpected can of worms in the making - That Sinason seems to be bottling up a whole new slew of cases using Savile to reignite the hysteria. Might be another book in it. Maybe an Express column. Now if that erupts we'll know what the source was.

Bizarro factoid of the day, as a result of further reading on that issue:

Sinason claims she was first informed of Savile's 'Satanic' activities in 1992. She published the notorious book "Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse" in 1994.
Amongst the contributors to the book was a piece by one Dr Gwen Adshead, entitled "Looking for clues - A review of the literature on false allegations of sexual abuse in childhood", apparently Dr Adshead is a friend of Sinason.
Dr. Adshead has also been the Consultant Psychiatrist / Consultant Forensic Psychotherapist at Broadmoor Hospital for almost 20 years!
Wouldn't you imagine Savile would have been a topic for discussion between the two?

/end bizarro world.
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