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i read this post on the Daily Mail comments and its about basically what i wanted to say but the person worded it perfectly to how i think...

Addiction does not discriminate, an addict is an addict whether they are getting their kicks in the house, down the pub or in the park. The only difference between the one lying comatose in the park and the respectable neighbours next door is that the neighbours probably can afford better quality wine. It is not easy to give up an addiction, that is the whole point of the word. There is always an excuse to have another drink, whether its because you are feeling down/happy/going out/staying in/reading a book/family coming round/just received bad news/good news. The list is endless. He looks on the edge ready to fall off. He may think he is invincible because his liver is still functioning - just. Or does he have cirrohsis and is now past caring?He must have had a liver scan by now, so must know what state his liver is in. Being an addict is not something you choose to do, it just happens. One glass becomes 2, a bottle a week becomes a nightly one. Hope he battles through this
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