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He looks like a girl personally, plus has zero talent like the rest of them. 1D are just a joke, a group of ugly talentless idiots who have only become successful because stupid girls think they're "hot" Worse still now they're parading around African slums telling us to give our money to Comic Relief, if they REALLY cared they'd give at least a fraction of the millions they've made to these poor black children AND Comic Relief, that would save us the bother of having to shell out!
Well maybe they have already donated too . You or I don't know that!. You don't have to give to comic relief it isn't mandatory so can't see why you are moaning. They are 5 young lads who are in a very lucky positon and I think they appreciate that and at least they are not going round beating up old ladies . There are plenty of stories about the rotten youth of today soi am quite happy to read happy stories for a change
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