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Yes but it could still lead to congestion (therefore slow-downs) for non-protected services (ordinary Internet usage) - that's my concern. I think I read somewhere that the only guarantee on fibre (by BT Openreach) is a minimum download speed of 15 Mbps... anything below that is counted as a fault. So not exactly a slouch but it does show what BT could try to get away with if linear channels and other video-type services take off in a big way. Let's hope they plan this properly to avoid such issues.

I think I will skip this FTTC thing for the next couple of years or so and stay as I am. while the contract is a bit longer than what I normally like to sign up to, i am already nearly 8 months into the contract.
As long as the service I get is reliable I will stick with it. the whole reason I went with ADSL24 and the cable and wireless network was to try and get away from Bt equipment. Now I am further away from them.
Suits me.
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