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Some people didn't like Voyager or Enterprise - that didn't mean the entire franchise was ruined.

If this version of Trek doesn't do it for some people, there will be another one along at some point, with the previous ones still there for the taking. Whether induviduals like it or not, Abrams revived Trek for the timebeing. The floodgates were opened for new films, comics, games, crossovers and content dumps across various mediums.

The reboot made it difficult to nail it down to a familiar, comfortable format. 'Star Trek' was the first Trek film without any background (beyond older Spock). There wasn't a TV series to establish the new Universe and it's new take on the original characters. Ultimately it had to come back with a bang and as you say, attract new viewers.

I expected Star Trek Into Darkness to pull it back a little and settle down, but it looks like it's going far in the other direction. I'll be interested to see if it works.

tl;dr, J.J chose to go for attractive, flashy action as opposed to lots of walking and talking, and sitting and talking.
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