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Jedward, two immature berks who have made a career out of reality television.
Such as
Jedward's reality riot for channel 4
OMG it's Jedward for RTÉ
Jedward Let Loose for ITV2
OMG it's Jedward Eurovision for RTÉ
Jedward's Big Adventure series 1 for CBBC
Jedward's Dream Factory series 1 for RTÉ
OMG it's Jedward Eurovision 2.0
Jedward's Weird Wild World for channel 5
Jedward's Dream Factory series 2 for RTÉ
Jedward's Big Adventure series 2 for CBBC

Eurovision song contest twice.

Pantomimes in Dublin (which very much include songs from their albums)
Cinderella 2010
Jedward and the Beanstalk 2011
Jedward and the Magic Lamp 2012
Ticket on sale for Jedward Beauty and the Beast 2013

Studio albums
Planet Jedward 2010
Victory 2011
Young Love 2012

filming, directing and editing their own music videos.

Literally hundreds of concerts in Ireland, UK, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Austria, Finland. Probs other places I've forgotten.

Modelling jobs, Designing clothes.

Guest artist for The Voice Romania. Some singing show in Belarus, currently doing fashion updates for MelodianFest
VT rounds for Celeb Juice since 2010, in the Keith Lemon movie.

Currently recording new music with Drew Ryan Scott in LA
Yep......clearly talentless, lazy good for nothings.

I totally forgot Celebrity Big Brother and X factor, it all seems so long ago.
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