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Watching The Sky At Night this evening it was hard to believe that this was the first ever episode of the show since the spring of 1957 without Patrick Moore on it. Not that I can recall that far back, as I was a long way from coming into the world then. But even though I knew he has now passed, some part of me still expected to see him, and it felt very real that he had gone when the programme ended, even though the regulars were all in attendance. I wonder if this is just a transient provisional set up until a more settled format and presenter will emerge in due course?

Tonight the subject matter had a "back to basics" feel about it in my opinion, which I hope is not an indication of future direction being demanded post Sir Patrick.

Taking another look at his final edition, isn't there something so very sad about him wishing us all a happy new year for a year he himself did not see, and mentioning Christmas that he fell short of.

As he himself said, we are made from stardust, and he has returned from whence he came.
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