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I'm losing interest slightly because I feel the same type of games are being released every year. Plus games seem to be getting shorter and shorter with more and more long winded cut scenes.

I like Real Time Strategy games and the quality in this genre has really dropped.
I would say the quality has increased in the RTS world! What sort of RTS games are you into?

You have the Total War series which is amazing. Shogun 2 is the latest, but Rome and Medieval are awesome, Empire was good, not amazing, but good. New Rome this year as well which will be amazing no doubt.

If you want more war and conflict based ones, let me know.

As for other types, new sim city this year, Anno did one last year that was pretty awesome. Civilization 5 is still pretty awesome, although it has conflict, you can play the game avoiding it all together. RTS isnt as game heavy as say shooters and MMOs, but plenty exist. Even a few online free to play ones are out and about, a handful are pretty good as well.
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