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I'm delighted it's back and I look forward to it every year and so do the many who donate or the programme wouldn't be repeated year after year.

The first series was great.
But since Robert Webb won it with his Flashdance routine there have been so many contestants in successive series who think they're funny by dressing up in drag and possibly think it's a ticket to give them a better chance of winning.

It'll be interesting to see what comedy lazy arses decide to take the predictable man dressed up as a woman route.
I prefer the comedy element as opposed to those who could possibly view it as a career move into singing - now those we certainly do have enough of.

Robert Webb was brilliant in his routine but I also thought Keith Lemon (who I detest) and the bloke he partnered with, were, imo, very very good (not to mention brave with that jump) and deserved to win. I'd never heard of Roland Rivron or Weapon of Choice but after he won, I googled it and watch Christopher Walken (love him) and I think Rivron did a good job considering it was live and without special effects.

For those who enter this programme to try and make people smile - good on you and thank you, you certainly make me smile. So if you don't like it - don't watch it.
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