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When booking with a unlimited card, do you have to collect tickets from the counter as the machine wouldn't let me collect.

Normally I go to cinema with wife on a orange Wednesday and therefore always have to go to counter to give orange Wednesday number and then buy popcorn drink etc.

However I booked online for ' Flight' at he O2 and the machine would not let me pick them up, had to g to till.

So bearing in mind you have to collect 20 mins early, I queued 10 mins to collect tickets and then go back again to buy popcorn and drink. So total queuing time was in excess of 20 mins

Is this really necessary.....when my tickets and unlimited card got checked when we went to watch film
They don't make it clear on the website but once booked as the poster above me says you just need your booking reference. You enter it and the tickets pop out. Don't put the card in. Also in my experience they don't enforce the 20 minute rule yet. This may change when we get Into summer movie season.
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