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Seems some are looking at David's boules....

David Beckham stands to make millions from football shirts bearing his name which cost just 3.50 to make but which are being sold for 96, it has been revealed.

Two days after Beckham signed, PSG were last night allegedly trying to broker a 110m, five-year deal with Emirates Airline, prompting rumblings from cynics that Beckham, 37, has only been brought to the French capital to act as a cheerleader rather than actually play football.

It was revealed yesterday Beckham is being lined up as a player-coach in the Qatar Stars League later this year.

Qataris own PSG and want to use Beckham as a figurehead for the Gulf state's hosting of the 2012 World Cup.
Could the 'giveaway' have been to appease French fans being asked to pay for an overpriced shirt?
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