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Some of these ISPs are getting worse for making things plain and simple. I just had a look on the Bt website just to be nosy and even I was confused for a while about what they offer and what each package is. So how on earth are other people going to cope?

Broadband is getting as bad as buying energy with so many tariffs, that it is difficult to know what to go for, they do it on purpose to confuse people.

What they need and this is the same for mobile phone networks as well, is a system that allows people to pick the parts they want and then tell them the price after.

So say on BT website, you want unlimited broadband with fibre, then evening and weekend calls on that and then it will come up with how much it costs. Line rental is my bug bear, but that will have to be included.

sky used to have something like it on their websites before they pushed their mixes into just two packages. I thin hey still got the same sort of system.
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