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Daybreak doing this now. Saying paedophiles are less likely to try to arrange a meeting with their victims, and more likely to do grooming entirely online, to encourage the young person to send them sexually explicit photos of themselves.
Thinking of it from their point of view it seems a little strange, that. You'd think they'd be craving the physical contact, if their so sexually attracted but I can only presume they think its a risk not worth taking and worry about being found out, so they just try and get as much remotely and fantasise about it instead ( ew ).

I remember being frustrated with people I communicated with online at the time, they'd talk about travelling to be with me and spending time together, going to talk to the family and then I'd go off with them and start some new life or what-not, like I really wanted at that time *cringe*

There would always be reasons why they couldn't travel though - one guy who was supposedly only a few years older than me, they supposedly tried something like 3 times to travel to see me and every time they got bad news or had an accident the day before - I smelt a fish (as it were) and stopped talking to them, then one day someone contacts me saying their a relative of this guy, they found out they'd been talking to me for the last year or two and they wanted me to know that they'd given me a photo of someone else, the person wasn't who they said they were, it was someone older yadda yadda. Considering I'd stopped talking to older people before thinking I became close to him (thinking this would be different and I wanted to get away from those other people who made me feel uncomfortable and I started feeling guilty like I was dirty for talking to such adults), I was pretty humiliated!

I confronted him with it and they said its a load of nonsense, that they'd had some spat with him and was just trying to get back at him, don't believe them yadda yadda

I think alot of what goes on, online, is like some fantasy trip for people but its a bit embarrassing when the other person like believes them feels like I spent a good three years trusting in some people and heck knows who they even were in reality, or if they meant any or some of what they said. Makes me angry, that. I tell you what though - he sounded like a teenager on the phone, so, who knows.

Ok I was a late teen and I doubt that guy was a paedo, they didn't really talk like really pornographically or anything like that, though they would talk about being affectionate and things but I think there is some form of shame about having these kinds of, kinda seemingly long term relationships of some sort when at the end your left thinking I eventually trusted and confided in someone and a few sentences from someone else makes you think you have no idea who that person maybe was - its bizarre. Friends said not to talk to such people but you just think this is different though - teens don't wanna listen to sensible advice lol deary me...
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