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BIB - It's not that people without kids should be looked at as wrong or weird, it's just that your 10 year old asking if she can stay over at her 10 year old friend's house in the care of her friend's parents would not often be scrutinised very much. Your 10 year old asking if she could stay over at a middle aged childless man's house, with or without other chldren, would be far more likely to ring alarm bells. We assume that sleepovers are for the benefit of the children, generally, and that the hosting adults are hosting for that reason alone.
That makes sense - I wasn't in the best mood on Friday (I was very frustrated and snappy), so maybe I was wrong to pick up on that. I agree it would seem a bit out of the blue for a child to ask to stay at a persons house overnight if there isn't a clear reason like for a sleepover with an established like you say. I suppose I was thinking more generally - what if someone who doesn't have kids offered to babysit so the parents could get a much needed night out? if the person helped out or worked at a school or was otherwise known for being around kids in another situation then you'd presume their trustworthy in that situation, wouldn't you? and their technically offering to help, so you'd probably be thankful for the offer... if the child said they'd been invited to that persons house to have a look around or something, that may seem more suspicious?

I suppose the obvious difference is if someone offers to help after hearing the parents really wanted a night out, thats stepping in and helping out but otherwise it seems more like they may have another motive if they suggest to a child to visit them at home for some uknown reason. I can't think of any time a member of staff at school suggested we visited them, though I used to fancy the PE teacher and tried to find his address in the phone book - hah! I was a teen and he was in his early 20s though lol!

They do check everyone. It would also be an enhanced CRB check, which would disclose anything even remotely questionable or relevant that was known to the police, including being questioned, arrested or suspected without charge.
Thats good to know
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