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BT infinty 1 40 gig usage is 18, the package you stated is 23, so how did you get it for the wrong price O_o

Incidently I am an existing customer on bT infinity 2, I only signed up 1 month ago.

I rang up on saturday to recontract to the new product at the ssame price point which is the totally unlimited infinity 2 package.

Here is what I think people need to watch out for if in similiar position to me.

1 - if currently getting a introductory discount and then recontract you will lose that discount, in my case I had 1 month discount left (since first payment is first 2 months).
2 - if prepaid line rental so on line rental saver, check it stays in place after, my email receipt shows a normal line rental price on it, the lady who took my upgrade order stated it wont change and a live chat request I did after the order they said the email is 'wrong' and it stays intact, but this is just to warn people to make sure it stays.

now for the real messy stuff.

I ordered on saturday. The old product is called infinity 2, the new is called unlimited infinity 2. My activation date is supposed to be 5th feb, but I got an email some hours after my call stating the new product order is completed. hmmm. If I goto the order status page on the my BT page, it shows 'no' pending orders. oddd. But If I mnaually enter the order number the order appears with the activation date of 5th feb however below that activation date it says completed.

If I goto the services page it shows my current product as infinity 2 (the non upgraded package).

If I goto the upgrade package page and try to initiate a online upgrade to the new product it rejects me stating I am already on that product.

If I do a p2p glasnost test to see if its shaped, it reports port 6881 still shaped.

So the BT website appears to be a complete mess, many parts of it stating I am on the old product and 2 parts stating I am already upgraded, also finally the product name on my email receipt and order status page is the old product just infinity 2. So its even possible the lady put the wrong upgrade through. I will find out tommorow I guess if this has worked or not.

The good news of course if like me was tied to a 18 month contract with 16 months left to go, this recontract reduces it to 12 months.
I don't think I got it for the 'wrong' price. It was an offer after 3 attempts to sign me up over 3 weeks. Their website doesn't advertise the deal naturally. When I mentioned this to BT the rep said 'they' had different prices.

I do agree with you that the website is a complete mess. I'm concerned that the rep has signed me up for something else than what I believe to have been offered. Yet its hard to believe as I was very clear and asked him to repeat the deal several times over more than one phone call.
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