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As I have stated several times... SOME people can get away with smoking, others can't. You are pointing out people who smoke and have had heart attacks when I could point out people who don't smoke and have had heart attacks, why are the people who don't smoke and who have never been exposed to smokey atmospheres having heart attacks?

Of course smoking is bad for you but so are a lot of other things.
Medical science wants to investigate Keith Richards (seriously) as he appears to have survived a illness without medical invention that normally kills without it - if he had a cast iron constitution it would explain how he able to survive years of smack abuse - Chrissy Hynde said his explain killed lots of her friends who thought they could get away with abusing the drug too. Some people do all the right things and die young and some do all the wrong things and live for donkey's years - logically you've got to play the odds and try not to do the bad things if you want a long healthy life.

There's always the story about the old geezer who smoked for years and then died in his 90s knocked over by a bus - but at the end of the day these are exceptions not the norm. That said as an overweight person I do get miffed by the attributation of everything that's ever been wrong with me to my weight - I'm sorry I refuse to believe bad sinuses are linked to overeating.
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