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My dad smoked as long as I remember. He died at the comparatively young age of 64 (a week after his birthday). He smoked a pipe, cigarettes and those small cigars. I don't remember him being well at all. He died of mitral stenosis and bronchitis. He also had a foul temper - probably due to his heart problems.

My mum lived until the age of 90 and she didn't smoke. I have never smoked.
My grandad who smoked a pipe lived into his early 80s - however he did work in his garden and walked a lot which probably kept him fit in spite of his smoking and enabled him to live to old age but even so he did have bronchitis. He was killed by three strokes - but his life was really over by the second one after that he was too scared to do anything he enjoyed anymore he stopped going to the pub or working in his garden. The strokes were probably caused smoking so I'd say although he had a good innings the final days of his life were probably blighted by it - he had type II diabetes too towards the end of his life - not sure why he had that possibly because he liked a drink possibly not.
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