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I've been to the Granada Studios 3 times when in Manchester, spent maybe an hour each time at the gates, just to see who we can see . Theres always fans hanging around, even a few that go almost everyday.

Every actor who went in and came out, stopped for photos, even knew the "super fans" by name or if they were in cars they waved. Haley drove in and then came back to the gates for a chat.
Mr Havers ignored everyone, never spoke and just walked right past. One fan who goes to the studios often, said he has always been like that,
My cousin interviewed Maureen Lipmann for a Sunday supplement and said she was the most arrogant. rude and late person she has ever interviewed.
Has anyone met Hughie Green before, as until Jimmy Savile's revelations he was the most despised man in showbiz, but always came across as nice to contestants?
I've met Havers and I've met Lipman, and I have to concur - they weren't particularly pleasant people.
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