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I would usually agree that celebrities who use charity to boost their profile or to seek better PR for themselves are awful (it's usually z-listers or "personalities" who do this) but I think when it's someone like David Beckham the gesture is from the heart, and maybe by going public about it he's hoping to inspire others to follow suit?

I just can't think badly of someone of Beckham's status doing something like this. It's a brilliant thing to do and I think some are far too cynical. Like I said, I know there are celebs/zelebs who use charity for their own ends and I hate that too but I get no vibes whatsoever that this is what is happening here.
I'm sorry but I find that view quite strange... You don't like z-listers using charities as publicity stunts, but when Beckham does, that's alright, because he's David Beckham

There is no difference really and if anything Beckham looks worse for doing such an act as he has many more ways of generating publicity. There was no need to go public unless he really wanted desperate publicity or was told to do it.

If that view makes me cynical, then so be it
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