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completely random, but i used to work at the British Library many years ago, they house 4 books owned by Richard III and i have held one in my hands! it was signed by him and his wife and had notes in the margins in his hand, i felt very privileged to have had that opportunity.
What an amazing story planets - I'm so jealous. Can't be many people that can say that they've held a book that was held by a King.

It is of interest but it is not going to result in 'having to rewrite text books' as some other archaeological discoveries have done.
As the Tudor view - Shakespeare's play - was that Richard was a hunchbacked evil doer who killed his nephews, yes, I think some major historical rewriting will have to be done along with some totally different thinking on his personality.

What happens with any pre-Christian remains found when they are reburied, are they buried in accordance with the religion of the time?
I've heard of Roman remains being given Christian burials.
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