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I was fortunate to go behind the scenes for This Morning when it was being filmed one Friday, so I got to meet Eamonn & Ruth & Matt Johnson. It was great fun, Eamonn is the biggest gossip ever & was happy to tell us who the worst guest was (Rihanna!) and who he did & didn't like on the particular day we went. The presenters were all extremely lovely
You don't expect it with Eamonn Holmes, because he can come across as quite abrasive, but I've only ever heard nice things about him.

I know someone who works as a warm up guy on quite a few shows. He says the majority of "stars" who are presenting the shows don't want to know where the warm up's concerned. But Eamonn always makes a point of going to see them, sitting down and having a chat to see how things are going, etc. Really top bloke apparently.
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