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Have not seen or heard any updates on her health but as it was in her bones and other organs back in November it do doubt has progressed, she might very well be in palliative stage of care now. Experienced this with a cousin ten years ago, once it gets into the bones and marrow. So, so sad - she has a young daughter too
Yes. It's the fact that things have gone so quiet that's worrying me. Unless she's having some quiet time to focus on treatment and enjoying being with her family. Can fully understand her not working at the moment. Unless it was therapeutic for her, hell, she deserves to have a good time and get away from all the pressures it brings. I know she's wanted to put across a positive image and show that she's fighting but it's perhaps best that she uses her energy for herself at the moment, rather than campaigning for others.

Edit: If anyone's reading who has contact with Bernie, please pass on love and good wishes.
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