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Everyone hated Jade until she was diagnosed with cancer when they then acted like they'd always loved her. Hypocrites.
I liked Jade and she certainly had anger issues but none of that was racist stuff. I read her auto bio and she admitted getting irritated by Shetty because the producers were indulging Shetty's requests for things that the other housemates were not entitled to have or ask for, phone calls home etc...stuff that was never shown on camera of course. Shetty was asking for stuff for herself left right and centre and the producers were kowtowing to her. That would get on my nerves let alone Jade's. So she lost her temper. Personally I found Shetty too princess-like and the fawning over her when the show ended was ridiculous - like the entire industry was falling over itself to prove they were not racist. I thought it was terrible the way Jade was treated. Unforgivable. And Davina played her part in it too....witch.
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