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It'd be interesting to see what sort of funeral service is given, and I wonder what the headlines will be in the papers tonight and tomorrow. If I were writing the puns, it'd be "A hearse, a hearse! My kingdom for a hearse!"

But how can the discovery of his skeleton lead to a 'totally different thinking on his personality'?

It is bit like some of the wild assumptions that you hear on Time Team sometimes
The Richard III Society have been going on about this for years. Shakespeare's Richard the Third was written as Tudor propaganda, as Richard - a Plantagenet king - was defeated by Elizabeth I's grandfather Henry VII, who was a Tudor. Therefore Richard had to be the hunchbacked, nephew murdering villain in order to satisfy Tudor sensiblities.

How is it an own goal?
There's been lots of programmes where they keep viewers hanging on for 55 minutes and "they find nothin!"
This could have been one of them, but if it isn't, so what?
There'll be more, you can count on it.

But I made the point that the words "The hunt for" wasn't in the title, just the write-up in a telly mag.

If you read my post properly, you'd see that I made no definitive judgement on this one. So that was your "own goal.".
Time Team have had that kind of thing, but this was pretty definite in that they were going to find something, as it was the site of the old long demolished Greyfriars Priory and the finding of Richard's skeleton was a bonus.

The words 'The Hunt For....' were in the title every time the trailer's been shown. It's a catch-all title anyway, as it's about the excavation and it would have stood if it had been Richard or not, so yes, it is a bit of an own goal on your part.
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